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Over the past 25 years we've grown accustomed to internet, GPS, smartphones, tablets & robots.  However, our kitchens really have not changed much since late 1950's.

A few years ago, I had tried just about every local take-out restaurant & decided it was time to try cooking something for myself. 

I heard good things about "food box" delivery service and decided to give it a try.  I ordered a food box from one of the leading companies.  The box contained some raw ingredients & a recipe. 

After spending about 3 hours on dicing, slicing, pealing, washing and cooking I ended up with 2 small portions. The taste was “so-so” (I might have missed something ).

I thought "there has to be more efficient way to make a dinner".   BUT I could not find anything better than frozen meals.  I asked my friends.   It turned out,  most of them have been looking for something to help them eat better & spend less time in the kitchen.

This led me to an idea of creating robotic cooker & fresh meal combo that will enable anyone to prepare a meal.  Few years later, we created iWONDERCOOK cooking platform.


iWONDERCOOK team brought together Innovators, Creators and Disruptors passionate about revolutionizing cooking.

Our team consist of people from different backgrounds, cultures & professions:

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