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It is a well known fact "you are what you eat".

What makes iWONDERCOOK MEALS great?

1. Fresh ingredients:

No artificial shelf life extenders, pre-cooked or  frozen ingredients.

2. Best recipes:

Ever expanding menu developed by professional chefs.

3. Ready in time to eat:

Freshly cooked is ready in minutes at home.

4. Perfect result guarantee:

Fully automated cooking guarantees perfect meal every time

Individual containers are assembled into a food cartridge according to the recipe.

Convenient & Healthy 


  • custom packed complete set of fresh ingredients

  • ​sauces ​& spices

Most meal kits have 10 day shelf life.  No freezing req-d.

Fresh ingredients are washed, diced, sliced & sealed in individual containers by product type.

You will find something to your liking.

iWondercook mobile app

We offer healthy & tasty meals for every diet:

  • low-salt, no-salt, 

  • gluten free

  • no-sugar,

  • lactose free, 

  • vegetarian meals,

Have special dietary needs?  Please contact us and we will help you select best meals & even create custom meals for you (special fee may apply).

As iWONDERCOOK can store virtually infinite number of recipes, you do not have to eat same thing over & over again. We will continue to expand our menu with new meals.

Thanks to Quality Control & automated multi-stage cooking every meal will be perfect.

Menu is under development.

Good for you -

good for the environment

Minimizing produce waste: Today over 25% of harvested produce ends up in a garbage.   iWONDERCOOK greatly reduces produce waste by cutting down on "overbuying" & implementation of efficient prepping & storage technologies.

Many people worry about possible harm from using microwaves.  iWONDERCOOK relies only on traditional heat sources for cooking (induction, convection & steaming).

We believe all food should be cooked only in traditional dishwasher safe metal cooking pots.  

No heating in plastic containers.


"Single portion" - for 1-2 people - from $8 to $13.

"Family size portion" - for 3-4 people - from $16 to $26.

Portion size for wholesale & commercial customers may vary.

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