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spend time on what matters.

iWONDERCOOK  will take care of cooking so you have time for important things in life.

iWONDERCOOK integrated cooking platform consists of:

robotic chef & meal kits

iWONDERCOOK personal robotic chef.

Like real chef, iWONDERCOOK automatically:

  • Verifies expiration date​

  • Adds ingredients one at a time​

  • Adjusts cooking temperature & time​

  • Monitors stirring speed

  • Adds sauces & spices ​

  • Notifies you once the meal is ready.

No user participation req-d.

Now making any meal is easy as "1-2-3".

1. Order meal kit on-line

2. Press "Cook"

3. Plate & enjoy

All recipes are developed by best chefs &
include fresh ingredients.

Place iWONDERCOOK MEAL kit inside the machine & press "Cook".

Always eat freshly cooked food.  No pre-cooking or reheating.

iWONDERCOOK meal kits

Complete set of fresh ingredients

(washed, diced, sliced & peeled),

sauces & spices for the meal of your choice.

Eating healthy is easy with iWONDERCOOK 

  • Fresh ingredients for best nutritional value.  

  • No pre-cooked / re-heated / frozen meals.

  • No artificial shelf life extenders

  • Best cooking temp & time to preserve vitamins in your food.

  • Freshly cooked meal every time.

Hassle free 24 hour access to freshly cooked meals at a touch of the button.

iWONDERCOOK in action

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