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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need robotic chef?
    iWONDERCOOK will: - Bring your dining experience to an entirely new level. - Reduce time spent in the kitchen. - Help improve the nutritional content of your meals and ensure that each family member eats healthy by making home cooked meals accessible to anyone. Especially people with no time to cook or people with limited cooking skills. - Reduce the amount of produce waste. - Improve quality control for business in the food service industry, as well as lowering business operating expenses.
  • Is iWONDERCOOK easy to use?
    iWONDERCOOK is designed so anyone can use it. No special skills are required. As long as you can load the cartridge inside the machine and press "start, you can use the iWONDERCOOK Machine.
  • How iWONDERCOOK is different from other cooking appliances?
    Unlike traditional ovens or cooktops, iWONDERCOOK does not require any cooking skills. In fact, you do not even need to have a kitchen to use our machine. ​ Furthermore, you no longer need to go shopping in order to cook a meal. Just keep iWONDERCOOK food cartridges in your refrigerator and you are all set to go. ​ No more worrying about missing ingredients or forgetting to put something in!
  • Is iWONDERCOOK portable?
    Yes, iWONDERCOOK is portable. You just need 110v power & internet connection. You can use your smartphone/tablet Wi-Fi hotspot feature to provide internet connection.
  • How are food cartridges kept fresh?
    Just put the food cartridges in your refrigerator and they are good to go until the expiration date marked on the box. Most meals have 10 day shelf life. ​ Once you decide to cook a meal, the machine will verify the integrity of the cartridge and let you know if the expiration date has passed.
  • What is the clean up process?
    One of our main goals is to make the clean up process quick and easy. iWONDERCOOK comes with disposable filters, protecting the inside of the machine from oil and grease. Just replace the filters as needed. ​ The cooking pot is dishwasher safe, so you never need to worry about hand washing it!
  • How many servings can iWONDERCOOK prepare at once?
    Maximum portion sizes vary slightly depending on the recipe, but it is usually about 6 lbs of food - enough for 6 to 7 people. ​ Pro model can cook up to 10 lbs at once.
  • How does prepared food taste?
    Our meals taste no different from home cooked, or premium restaurant meals. Our team of professional chefs work hard to ensure each meal is perfect.
  • Are there any preservatives in iWONDERCOOK meals?
    No. The main difference between us and most other companies is that we don't add preservatives or use pre-cooked ingredients. We rely on advanced packaging to extend shelf life.
  • What is the shelf life of iWONDERCOOK meal kit?
    The expiration date varies from 10 to 16 days from the date of arrival. The longevity depends on the ingredients in the recipe.
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